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Wealth Management


Building wealth requires a plan covering systematic saving, thoughtful portfolio management, tax planning, risk/insurance consulting, and a network of complementary professionals working together toward a common outcome.  Great Point coordinates and manages all of these for our clients.


Once accumulated, wealth provides freedom from third-party sources of income.  Most call this retirement, but we think of it as financial independence, regardless of what you choose to do next.  We help protect and grow assets while generating income for expenditures along the way.


When personal wealth exceeds the amount needed for lifetime spending and the remainder is intended for future generations and/or philanthropic endeavors, Great Point helps clients plan an efficient transfer with intergenerational consulting, tax avoidance, and estate administration services.

The Quarterly Market Review features global capital market performance and a timeline of events for the past three months. It includes returns from various asset classes across US and international markets. The report also illustrates the impact of globally diversified portfolios and a quarterly topic.

Who are clients of Great Point Wealth Advisors?

Our clients lead busy lives and recognize careful management of their finances is critical to securing their future.  They value partnering with a fiduciary adviser to gain confidence and free up time to focus on purposes more meaningful to them.  Our client base spans from emerging to generational wealth and is geographically diverse across the United States.

What does Great Point advise on?

Following the Seven Steps of Financial Planning as set forth by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, our advice covers many issues including cash flow optimization, tax management, stock option, and executive compensation planning, investment management, insurance consulting, charitable giving, basic and advanced estate planning techniques, intergenerational consulting and wealth transfer to name a few. 

Does Great Point coordinate with, or make introductions to, other professionals?

We maintain an extensive network of professionals from complementary industries. We are happy to work with your existing provider(s) and/or make introductions to others within our network.

What does Great Point Wealth Advisors invest in?

As an independent adviser, we have an unlimited universe of investments to choose from and currently maintain relationships with a select group of investment managers while continually evaluating their roles within client portfolios. Some of the better known institutions to whom we currently allocate client assets include Bain Capital, BlackRock Inc., Dimensional Fund Advisors, Goldman Sachs, State Street Global Advisors, The Vanguard Group, and WisdomTree Investments.

Where are your clients' accounts held?

Accounts are opened and maintained at Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade, TIAA-CREF and/or other third-party custodians. The account owner grants Great Point a limited power of attorney to manage and service the account on their behalf. The independent custodian sends a statement of balances, positions, and transactions directly to the account owner on a monthly or quarterly basis.

What is involved with transferring accounts?

After obtaining your signature on requisite forms, we handle all aspects of the account transfer process. We reconcile positions, update cost basis, and after the plan has been agreed upon, allocate assets according to the investment policy.

How often is my account reviewed?

Your portfolio is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. Because we take a long-term view on capital markets, transactions are kept to a minimum, however, we will rebalance as necessary in response to relative performance and changing economic environments.

How often does Great Point meet with its clients?

There is no limit to the amount of interaction our clients have with us. Meetings and phone calls tend to be more frequent during the initial stages of the relationship as the financial plan is developed and accounts are organized. In later stages, an annual or semi-annual meeting seems to work best for most clients, but varies based on individual circumstances.

How does the initial consultation work?

Please call or email the office and we’ll arrange a brief phone conversation to determine if an introductory meeting would be mutually beneficial.

Are references available?

The vast majority of new clients are referrals from existing clients or other trusted professionals. Because of the confidential nature of our work, we do not divulge names of current clients, and therefore do not provide references.


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Elections & Markets

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